A TRICK OF FATE has been available in print for a couple of days but, as of this morning, Amazon have finally made it easier to find by linking it to the e-book. Huzzah!

More exciting that this, however, is that I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first 15 minutes of the Trick audio – due in sometime today. Yes, folks … you can look forward to listening to lovely Alex in a few weeks’ time.

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Author: Stella Riley


12 thoughts on “NOW IN PRINT!”

  1. I think Trick of Fate has become my favorite! I absolutely fell in love with Max and his and Frances’s journey of rediscovery. I loved the way the story went back in time to give a better understanding of the events from the viewpoint of the person thinking of the event. And while I miss the main Rockcliffe characters, I like the new direction. I look forward to reading about the other Brandon brothers, and also hope there is more of Gregory further down the line.

    1. Thank you, Karen! Like a few previous comments here on the website, your remarks are an enormous comfort at a time when Trick is getting a bit of a battering on Amazon. I certainly think you’re the first to say it may be your new favourite and I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘flashback’ device – a first, for me. If you could spare a few minutes to post your opinion in a review, it would be tremendously helpful in stemming what is becoming a negative tide and would mean a lot to me personally.

      1. Can’t understand the negativity. I thought the characters and plotline were wonderful. I will definitely post a review.

        1. Thank you again, Karen – I really would appreciate it. Although there have also been lots of positive reviews, the negative ones are naturally a concern and tend to dampen the spirits.

          1. I left reviews on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Wasn’t sure about Amazon since I bought the book through B&N, but I received am email from Amazon, so I guess it went through

  2. I also thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have all of your novels. As I may have written elsewhere, they are in that small category of books that I read and reread regularly. I love the Scottish touches and found myself looking at a map to retrace some it. I dream of seeing Hadrian’s Wall one day, and your account of the Scottish wedding ceremony was completely charming. His ancestor Gabriel may edge him out slightly, but Max is a keeper, and Frances is a totally worthy partner. Their shared sense of humor put me in mind of Georgette Heyer’s best matches. That said, I very much appreciate the originality you bring to storytelling, and this story was (I thought) very clever. I can’t wait to read the next installment of the Brandon series.

    1. Thank you, Lisa – glad you enjoyed Max’s story. I’m particularly delighted to hear that you liked his and Frances’s travels because that part of the book has come under attack in a couple of reviews. Consequently, if you could post your own opinion in a review (preferably on Amazon, since that is where the negative ones are) that would be extremely helpful to other potential readers as well as to me personally.
      As you may imagine, the Scottish Borders is an area I know quite well from numerous enjoyable visits there some years ago. As for the wedding in Hawick – it was a pleasure to be able to write something quite different from the Rockliffe weddings. The next Brandon book will be Adam’s story. In the meantime, Alex Wyndham has begun recording A Trick of Fate and we hope to have it out by the end of the year.

      1. People read for many reasons, and one of them is to discover places they themselves haven’t seen. I thought the “travelogue” was the perfect backdrop for the road trip, which was charming, different, entertaining. If they’d gone from inn to anonymous inn, that would have lost its charm fairly soon. I have already left a review at Amazon where I took issue with another reviewer who admires your books and had praise for this one, but thought the characters were too nice. My take on it was that characters can be terrifically decent and still compelling, as (I think) your main characters are. Some are edgier than others perhaps, but they all hold our interest. Cheers. 🙂

        1. Thank you for your excellent review, Lisa. I’d actually already seen it but hadn’t realised it was yours until I connected it with your message here. Very much appreciated!

  3. Wonderful book. Enjoyed it and your previous books very much. In an era where historical romances are so very light on the actual ‘historical’ part it’s refreshing to read an author’s work that is actually researched and still so enjoyable to read. It’s also refreshing to get away from all the Regency Genre that’s out there.

    1. Thank you so much, Elke. I’m glad you didn’t find the road trip over-populated with detail! One reviewer who clearly didn’t like the book suggested it had been sponsored by the Scottish Tourist Board. Sponsorship? I wish! Seriously though, I was trying something a little different but also fun and am delighted it worked for you. If you can spare a few minutes to post a brief review, that would be much appreciated.

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