It began one night in Paris …

Within twenty minutes of bidding his friends good night and leaving the tavern, Adam Brandon became aware that he was being followed.  This was annoying on several counts. He had no idea who would go to the trouble of setting a tail on him or why they would since, just at the moment, he didn’t imagine he could be of any particular interest to anyone.  Admittedly, that wasn’t always true … but right now it was.  Then there was the possibility that this wasn’t the first time someone had dogged his steps; that it had happened before and he hadn’t noticed.  That pricked his pride.  He’d thought himself better than that.

He continued on his way without altering his pace. He considered luring the tail into a dark alley where he could be grabbed, pinned to a wall and questioned. It wouldn’t be very difficult.  On the other hand, it might be premature. There was a chance, however small, that he was merely being followed by the only footpad in Paris stupid enough to tackle an armed man for the sake of a few coins.  And that being so, the sensible course was to simply stroll onwards, taking a few sudden detours, to see if the fellow stuck with him.

He did … and was still there when Adam reached his lodgings on the Rue des Minimes. With a brief nod for the concierge, he ran swiftly upstairs to the nearest window and was just in time to see his follower raise a hand as if signalling to someone before melting into the shadows on the far side of the street.

Not a footpad, thought Adam with a sort of amused grimness. And not alone.  What, then?  And why?  What possible reason could anyone have for wanting to know my every move?  But whoever it is, they’re making a mistake because now I’ll have to do something about it.  And that’s just tiresome.  

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A tale of smuggling, espionage and romance set amidst the mists and mysteries of Romney Marsh. Follow master-swordsman, Adam Brandon … and discover Camilla Edgerton-Foxe’s secret talent. And meet master-of-disguise Rainham and Finch, possibly the worst valet in the world.

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Under a Dark Moon will be released on March 27th

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A tale of war and witchcraft … plots and playhouses … love and loyalty.

Charles the Second’s attempt to reclaim his throne ends in a crushing defeat at Worcester.  With only the clothes on their backs, Ashley Peverell and Francis Langley flee to Paris where Ashley, known to some as the Falcon, resumes his secret work for the King.

Beautiful and street-wise, Athenais de Galzain has risen from the slums of Paris to become the city’s leading actress … but along with success comes the attention of a powerful nobleman, accustomed to taking what he wants.

Ashley and Athenais are drawn together with the force of two stars colliding. Ashley has two priorities; to guard the King from a plot hatched in London … and to protect Athenais from the man who would destroy her.  Both will test him to the limits.

The King’s Falcon follows the Cavaliers’ last crusade and poverty-stricken exile whilst taking us behind the scenes in the playhouse.  There is danger, intrigue, romance … and more than one glimpse into darkness.

For those who have asked … the paperback of MIDWINTER MAGIC will be released on Dec 6th along with the e-book.

I have chosen to produce Midwinter Magic in the same 6 x 9 format as the previous Rockliffe books so that it will match when standing alongside them. Inevitably, this means that its 150 page spine looks very slender – but it is a novella and, in print, the cover art looks terrific!



Well done Aristide & Genevieve and Nicholas & Madeleine!

This is another excellent book. I love how the storyline revolves around a few people, but others from previous books are there to enhance the story. Will definitely read more of Stella Riley’s books. A book / series worth recommending!B.R.A.G. reviewer